Victorian Airbnb legislation passes both houses

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Victoria Airbnb Legislation passes both houses, An article I came across in Smart Property Investment, I thought I should share with you as it will be certain to be raised for legislators here. I can imagine how this will go with a Holiday building where there are permanent occupiers. There is always a conflict between short-lets and permanents. This is an argument to make a building holiday or permanent when it is built. I note also that this not just for Airbnb but short-term lets. It should also apply to owner-occupiers and long-term lets. In other words, all occupiers should be included in the legislation. there is an obligation on all parties in any property to keep the amenity of the building and/or the neighbourhood/neighbours. The legislation sounds discriminatory if as you say it only applies to apartments. With “zero Lot” housing now, any legislation should be across the board.

Victorian Airbnb legislation passes both houses
By Sasha Karen
Posted on Thursday, 09 August 2018
Watch out apartment owners who short-term let out their property on services like Airbnb; new legislation has passed both houses of the Victorian state government that places responsibility for the actions of any unruly guests with the owner of the property they’re in.

On the evening of 8 August, the Owners Corporations Amendment (Short-stay Accommodation) Act 2018 passed both houses of the Victorian parliament which can greatly affect apartment owners who let out their property on short-term letting websites such as Airbnb.

The new legislation allows for the owner of one apartment to make a complaint about short-term letting guests in another who are:


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