Scams regarding your internet connection

Scams regarding your internet connection while not relating to MAnagement Rights or MRAgents it can seriously affect your internet connection.

I thought it timely to report on this phone call I have received (on and off over the last 5 or 6 years, or perhaps untimely).

I am sure some of you will have received a phone call which goes something like this “Sir I am from the Telstra faults department and I am ringing to tell you your computer has been hacked ……etc can you please type in the run box “CMD” now that you have the box up type in “Eventvwr”. This is the second clue that all might not be well and suggest can now you can look up using any search engine (Google). The first clue could well be the accent of the caller (from an overseas call centre).

To your surprise, there in the list of search results is the word “scam” etc. If you follow the link here you will get the idea of why you should hang up. So not about management rights agents this time but a helpful hint to avoid trouble.

I hope this is helpful.
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