Preparing your Management Rights Home/Business for sale

Preparing your Management Rights Home/Business for sale
“Best impressions are first impressions so make the most of it.”

Some tips to get a quick sale at the best possible price

Preparing your Management Rights Home/Business for sale

Note Rusted gutter and Wasp nests


Check the paintwork, spouting, brickwork, and fascia boards.
They may need a brush down or a lick of paint.
Maximize Space and minimize junk by cleaning out the garage and storage areas.
Tidy up the garden by removing weeds and dead leaves, trim plants, add mulch and consider adding a splash of colourful plants.
Remove kids’ toys from the garden and roll up the garden hose.
Repair any broken or cracked windows, damaged fence panels, and gate hinges.
Clean BBQ, remove junk mail from the letterbox and fly screens in good repair. Ensure all doors open, slide freely and lock and unlock easily.


Preparing your Management Rights Home/Business for sale

Fix these

Perhaps the most important is the entranceway. Ensure that it is clean and uncluttered.
Make sure the doorbell works, repair chipped or cracked plaster. Clean the windows inside and out.
All floor coverings freshly cleaned – Professional grout/tile cleaners and carpet steam cleaners make a big difference.
Ensure curtains/drapes are clean and open. Beds made, cupboards cleaned. Reorganize cluttered bookcases even store them in boxes elsewhere.
Hide any unsightly electrical wiring to stereo and TV. Bathrooms/kitchen/toilets and all taps should be in good working order (no drips or leaks).
All surfaces cleaned and polished.
Remove any mold from the shower recess and soap stains from the shower floor. Clean all mirrors, glass screens and consider replacing the shower curtain.
Put clean towels, soap, and air fresheners in the bathroom and toilet. (Try to make these areas like a five-star hotel).
Put away small appliances in the kitchen and bathroom (Hairdryers, toasters, etc) to reduce general clutter, fridge magnets, and cookbooks.
Empty rubbish bins, neutralise unpleasant odours.
CLEAN YOUR CUPBOARDS: rearrange the inside of your cupboards. Buyers are often interested to know how you use the cupboard space and will look inside.
If everything is tidy, they will trust that you look after the house.
You also want to communicate that the house has enough storage space that they can live comfortably – so make sure that your cupboards are not filled to the brim.

Renovate Carefully
Home improvements can be very expensive. Focus on value-for-money improvements which will generate a higher selling price. While major renovations may make your home more saleable, you may not recover the costs when you sell. Remember you want to maximise your profit!
Cosmetic improvements such as touching up paintwork or planting flowers in your front yard are usually good value for money. When choosing paint with colours, try to be objective. You may love your bright orange kitchen but there’s a fair chance that most buyers won’t. Consider painting your walls in neutral colours in a matte finish.
Tips for Inspections

Ideally, your Home and Office should be presented as a luxury hotel suite or a new display home;
there are a few tricks that can make a big difference apart from the general appearance.

Vases of flowers or bowls of fruit help.
Turn on the air conditioning in the summer.
Glossy lifestyle magazines on the coffee table indicate your commitment to quality.
Have some light music playing in the background.
Jewelry, valuables, and mementos should be locked away or removed.
Remove or minimize the number of personal photos (You want potential buyers to visualize themselves in your home, not who the current owners are).
Remove pets and all evidence of pets when displaying your home.
Impress the Senses
For many, buying a home is an emotional choice.
For that reason, a home that feels comfortable is likely to sell for more.
Putting out vases of fresh flowers,
Heating the house in winter, Air-condition Summer, or Leaving several windows open in the summer,
Ensuring that your house has a pleasant aroma (incense)
Leaving lights on in dark areas,

Preparing your Management Rights Home/Business for sale

Improve Ambience

Opening curtains and blinds,
However much you love your dog, potential owners may not.
Keep pets outside or away from your home during inspections.

When you feel that your property is ready, walk around your home and ask yourself if it feels welcoming.
Does your house look like nobody lives there?
If so, you’re ready!

David Manson

Been helping people with Management Rights sales since 2004. I enjoy helping people making the transition to running their own business. I have worked in health as a caregiver and have a interest in photography, golf, tennis and AFL

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