Importance of Management Rights Email address

Importance of Management Rights Email addresses

1. Internet Service Provider (ISP) Email addresses (eg. Where MyISP’s such as Bigpond, TPG, Dodo, iprimus etc., reflects a personal email and does not relate to the business. Also when you sell the business will have difficulty passing this address to the buyer of your Management Rights (as it is now common practice that email address is now often sold as part of the contract) and it may also means you may have to change the email address with your provider. Then you will have to start again with a different email for your friends to contact.
It is simply not professional and may create some uncertainty in the buyers mind, that you will still be receiving emails from owners and have potential to interfere with the new Management Rights owners business.

2. Complex name and ISP Email address

Why the email address (EG, Where MyISP’s such as Bigpond, TPG, Dodo, Iprimus etc) reflects the business to some it extent. You may have difficulty passing this address to the buyer of your Management Rights (as it is now common practice that email address is now often sold as part of the contract) for several reasons
(a) reluctance on behalf the ISP and
(b) the new owner uses a different ISP

3. Complex Name and free email providers

Now this is probably the cheapest option (eg where the free providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Mail and GMX are just a few) this can be easily changed to the new owner at conclusion of the sale along with all the contact. Though some people maybe suspicious of this type of address (as they often used by spammers) they are better than any of the first 2 options

4. Domain names email address

This final option for a Management Rights Email address eg, or adds professionalism to your Management Rights Business. The process is a little more complicated and involves registering a Domain Name and if you have decided on a company which is different to the complex name you may wish to consider a more generic company name like “Elite Property Management”, “Davids Property Management” checking you can get this Domain Name while also choosing the company names availability with ASIC.

Using company names in a Management Rights Email can add to the difficulties during a sale as you generally do not sell your company to the new purchaser and often like to retain the name, Especially if you are purchasing another Management Rights.
The cost varies on where you purchase you Domain Name and the period you sign up for but starting out fees are usually around $30-$100 Year and the cost of getting an email address with this domain name will be between $40-130/annum.
Adding a webpage (Web hosting) to this will add a similar amount depending on how many bells and whistles you wish to have.



  • Using a Domain names give more credibility and reliability because the domain creates a feel that the client is in direct contact to your business.
  • Having a domain will reduce the chances of your email being seeing as a spam.
  • Your vendors are always interested to hear from their property manager.
  • The personal email might be seen as a spam, as the client might not know your personal email
  • Domain names similar to the complex make it is easier for your owners to remember the email later on
  • You can create many emails for different people using the same domain. Making it consistent and easier for the clients to contact everyone in the company
  • Also on sale of your business this email can be easily handed over to the new purchaser


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