Everything you need to know about bundling for management rights

Looking at Management Rights can be difficult.
When talking about bundling we are probably more familiar with the term in relation to combining the Internet with your Landline and Mobile use.
In this case, we are looking at charging a single fee for all services you might provide rather than itemising each of them singularly.
The following article takes a more detailed look at how this might work.

Everything you need to know about bundling for management rights
Siobhan Baumber Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Bundling is the term used when property managers roll all of their management services into a single, ‘overall’ commission fee, rather than charging owners a separate amount or commission rate for each sub-service.

For example, as a property manager, you would traditionally charge your owners for the below services, as dictated by your body corporate agreement:

Management fee: 12 percent of gross tariffs
Marketing fee: three percent of gross tariffs
Merchant fees: two percent of gross tariffs
Housekeeping fees: $40/clean
Linen costs: $3/bed/booking
Guest amenities: $10/guest
Spring cleaning: $250/year
Foxtel: $35/month
PABX: $30/month


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