Airbnb Legislation in Australia and Internationally

There seems to be a legislative approach to Airbnb short-term lets which says the people who use this service are rogues, noisy and generally people who will inconvenience other people. I have used Airbnb both in Australia and overseas and find owners to be well-intentioned and helpful.
I certainly did not provide any nuisance to any other residents or occupiers.

The legislative approach seems to be prejudiced toward the short-term letting and does nothing to pull all occupiers into line. After all parties, violence and noise seem to be the biggest concerns.
While the UK is going to try the Accreditation approach. The following article in the Accom News “Next month, British short-let hosts will be able to apply for national accreditation as the industry attempts to stamp out unscrupulous landlords.UK approach has been to …………….

The management agents of short-term letting, in all countries in Apartment Complexes,  is going to have to become more cost-effective if they are to retain letting in their rental pools.

For other Articles from the “Smart Property Investment” and “Accom News” relating to Australian Legislation in Victoria see the links below.

Victorian Airbnb legislation passes both houses
By Sasha Karen
Posted on Thursday, 09 August 2018

Another approach might be for Hoteliers, Management Rights Agents, and other Short-term letting agents to try  working with Airbnb to minimise effects of owners going to Airbnb directly

Resort News heard from more than 100 accom managers at a marketing masterclass in the Gold Coast last week, where Airbnb unveiled its hope for managers to become hosts

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